YPSI Online Module A - Strength Training Program Design (12 Month Access)

YPSI Online Module A - Strength Training Program Design (12 Month Access)

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This Module is for you, if you want to:
  • Learn about Program Design for different goals such as Body Comp, Maximal Strength, Functional Hypertrophy and Fatloss
  • Learn how to apply different Strength Training Programs to different Splits and Frequencies such as Full Body Workouts, Twice a Day Training and Super Accumulations Phases with up to 18 workouts in one week
  • Learn how to integrate strength ratios to choose exercises more precisley
  • Learn how to apply different Trainings Methods in writing programs for your clients
  • Learn how to write better programs that allow your clients to make more progress towards there goals
  • Learn from anywhere in the world at any time of your day in front of your computer, tablet or phone

As an avid learner and teacher I have taught over 300 events to thousands of students of the last 8 years in over 26 countries in the world. Check out some of the group pictures here. And for the first time I will make some this information available online.

We live in a knowledge-based world where your knowledge and competence are fundamental to success.

And learning is the foundation of knowledge and competence.

One of my favorite quotes on learning is:

„The capcity to learn is a gift,
the ability to learn is a skill,
the willingness to learn is a choice“


Are you willing to learn?

Then use every valuable option available today.

This is where Learning 2.0 is key.

Its faster, easier, more efficient and most definitely more flexible.

This is why I created the YPSI Online Education Platform and the YPSI Personal Trainer Mentorship Program.

I will take you through each lecture step by step with many practical examples and many programs that you can use in the gym the next day.

With one goal to build your knowledge on Strength Training Program Design.

You can watch the lectures anytime at your own speed as often as you want from anywhere in the world.

Elevate your knowledge and competence on Strength Training Program Design to the next level and sign up today...

Click here to see the product page on the YPSI Online Education Platform

After successful booking and payment the access will be sent via email within 2 working days. If you want the access even faster, please send us an email to office@ypsi.de.

12 months after the first access to the lectures it expires automatically.