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To build Strength and Mass -  thats the main purpose of strengthtraining. No matter what goal you have beyond those two. Those two come first. They are the base.

There are many different ways, methods and systems to build Strength and Mass. Most take a lot of time. Months. Even years. 

Since everyone likes efficiency and short-cuts coming up with solutions that provide faster results is crucial for success.  

What is the Strength and Mass Holiday?

The Strength and Mass Holiday is a short, high-frequency training program that shots for 10 different workouts in 5 days. Its a great program to be done when you have time – like during a holiday – or when you need results fast – like before a holiday.

What are the Strength and Mass Holiday Add-on programs?

These Ebooks combine offer a more advanced version of the original Strength and Mass Holiday with more advanced trainings methods and exercises.

For the Strength and Mass Holiday our Add-on series will provide three advanced versions of the original program with the focus on a specific body part - Shoulder, Chest & Back and Arms.

Its still the Strength and Mass Holiday, so its still a full body approach. The 10 workouts will hit every primary muscle group in the legs and upper body. This time with a more specific focus, to specific address one body part, to make it stronger and grow.

The table of contents is

Chapter 1 - Foreword
Chapter 2 - The Programs
Chapter 3 - The Exercises


These ebooks each contain 3 chapters including 10 Training Programs each, as well as Pictures and Videos of all the exercises in the programs.

For all additional information on warmup, tempo, how to choose the optimal load, microperiodization, the spread, a nutrition guide, peri-workout nutrition, supplement recommendations, sample meal plans and more, consult the original version of the Strength and Mass Holiday.

For answer to the frequently asked questions - FAQ - regarding the Strength and Mass Holiday click here

Including Video Clips on each exercise used in the 10 Programs of the Strength & Mass Holiday.

The ebook is in a printable format.

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