YPSI Live Webinar - "20 Tricks for more Before'n'After Success" (english)

YPSI Live Webinar - "20 Tricks for more Before'n'After Success" (english)

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Use the travel restrictions and educate yourself from home...

In the last 8 years Wolfgang Unsöld has given his lecture on "20 Tricks for more Before'n'After Success" in over 20 countries on 5 continents worldwide. And the lecture gets updated every year.

Now this presentation will be available as a live webinar for the first time

Sign up and take advantage of the following benefits:

- 20 tricks for more Before'n'After success - from the areas of strength training, nutrition, supplementation, sleep and lifestyle.

- Apply directly yourself or with clients - all contents are for trainers and trainees, they can be applied directly to yourself or to customers

- Efficient, practical optimizations for even faster muscle building  and fat loss - which we constantly apply in practice in the YPSI and which are the methods behind our Before'n'After successes - for which the YPSI and Wolfgang have become known worldwide.

- Be there live and ask questions - during the live webinar, every student can ask questions

- Watch it again and again and again - Each participant will have access to the recording of this webinar on the YPSI Online Education Platform for 6 months after the seminar

- Or book and watch at any time - If you don't have time to attend the live webinar on November 21, you can book the webinar before or after and watch it at any time

Saturday, December 12th 2020 - 2.00pm to 5.3opm CET (Berlin time)

Live via Zoom

Webinar Investment 
Early bird price 99 Euro (For a booking until 9 am on December 12th, 2020)
Regular price 149 Euro (For bookings made after December 12th, 2020)



*After successful registration and payment each participant will receive a booking confirmation directly. About 24h before the live webinar each participant will receive the link and password to access the webinar. A cancellation or refund is not possible. Under certain circumstances it is possible to transfer the seat to another person before the live webinar starts.