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The idea to do an YPSI Online Coaching Program has been around for years. As an obvious move to spread a system that works very well. And to make our methods more accessible to potential clients from all over the planet. There have always been three major drawbacks to this though. 

1. Quality control of training -  A rep is not a rep. An photo or video can barely teach and correct exercises, especially not the more advanced ones. 

2. Communication - Which is critical to the success of online coaching. Communication in person is 90% non-verbal. Via email or a chat its 100% written. With much context. 

3. Individualization of Online Coaching - Communication is a challenge as it needs the same level and volume of time invested, if not even more compared to running through a program in person.

These three factors have always held us back from going „online“ in greater volume. We do offer personal online coaching with Wolfgang. It is limited to Personaltrainers and Coaches that have attended YPSI Seminars, though, to minimize the challenges mentioned above.

In October of 2017 we have had reached a critical point. After years of being able to maintain the waiting time for an initial assessment to 6 to 12 weeks we had reached a 6 months wait for the first time with over 45 new clients having scheduled initial assessment for our Before’n’After Program within those 6 months already maxing out our capacity and leading to this extended wait. 

Every challenge has its solution.

One idea that Wolfgang had for a while is to create a „YPSI Elementary School of Training and Nutrition“. Basically a system of training, nutrition & lifestyle optimization for everyone to run through independent of their individual and specific goals. Same as an elementary school. Which teaches the same to everyone. If you want to become a kindergarten teacher, a painter or a medical doctor, elementary school moves everyone through the same steps. Its then during middle school, high school and later university were methods and systems specializes on the individual’s specific goals.

This idea of an elementary school and the standardized yet still advanced initial recommendations combined for the current demand in the service that we provide at the YPSI has led to the development of the YPSI Online Coaching Program.

The YPSI Online Coaching Program consist of 4 phases of 3 to 4 weeks each that will lead one step by step through the initial changes that we go through with everyone of our clients.

The YPSI Online Coaching Program specifically contains these 8 documents:

  1. Preface
  2. Notes on Training
  3. A Primer on Mindset for Success
  4. Phase 1 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & more
  5. Phase 2 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & more
  6. Phase 3 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & more
  7. Phase 4 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & more
  8. All Training Programs (sheets to print)

All training programs come with pictures and videos for each exercise.

What the YPSI Online Coaching Program WILL provide:

- The program will lead you through 4 phases of training programs, nutrition, supplementation and stretching recommendations as well as small lifestyle optimization steps.

- The program is build around 4 phases of 3 to 4 weeks duration each with 5 to 6 specific changes per phase to ensure a sustainable and continuous change - as the base of your success.

- The program will give specific guidance to individualize nutrition and macronutrient intake as well as supplement recommendations based on a questionnaire and individual body fat distribution. 

- If you have current skin fold measurements the program will allow you to further optimize supplementation and nutrition.

- The program will explain in detail and with examples on how to warmup before the workouts.

- The program will explain in detail and with examples on how to choose loads for the exercises.

- There are photos and videos on every single exercise in the program to optimize your exercise execution.

- There will be alternate exercises for everyone who can’t do a chin-up yet or does not have a 45° Backextension.

- The Program includes a booklet on „A Primer on Mindset for Success“, which is clearly one of the most underrated aspects of progress and success in training - and especially a transformation.

What the YPSI Online Coaching Program WILL NOT provide:

- The program does not include any individual feedback via email, phone or in person.

- The program is not designed for more advanced scenarios such as rehabilitation from an injury or sport specific strengthtraining.

This program is a collection of 10 years of successful Coaching. With a the clear, structured and progressive approach the YPSI is known for. Put together into a 4 phase, 12 to 16 week program that will be delivered to your inbox. To be put into practice. 

For answer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the The YPSI Online Coaching Program click here 

The YPSI Online Coaching Program is in english. (For the german version click here)
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The YPSI Online Coaching Program contains 8 documents on a total of 114 pages. Delivery: Immediately via Direct Downland. Pdf-Format. After ordering you will directly receive an email with the download link.
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